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The seafront choice of places to stay in Kato Zakros eastern Crete, east of Crete.


Athena Rooms - Kato Zakros

Next to Kato Zakros beach and the most swimmable waters of Kato Zakros - you can't stay any further east in Crete! With sea views from the rooms - this is the beach and island dream come true. Every room has "the view" and private bathroom.  Best choice east Crete Kato Zakros.


Kato Zakros Akrogiali Tavern


Coral Rooms - Kato Zakros

Coral rooms in coastal resort Kato Zakros for your holidays - vacation. Whether you sit on the terrace or gaze at the view of the beach and sea below from your room, Coral Rooms provide the real sea-side experience with comfortable and well  cared for surroundings.  Situated immediately below Athena Rooms, private bathrooms.  Easter Crete Kato Zakros!!


Katerina Apts Kato Zakros

In Kato Zakros 300 metres’ walk to the gorge is worth the trouble. Following the European path E4, on the way to the gorge, the famous Valley of the Dead, you cannot miss the archaeological site of the place, the Minoan palace. Our newly built “KATERINA” apartments and maisonettes situated amphitheatrically all in Cretan style are just opposite the rocks of the hill.


Dimitra Apts Kato Zakros

Many of our entertained return each year and have become our constant friends. If you search interruptions far from the city and the big tourist centres, then here it is the correct part where you can be near the nature and in the Cretan hospitality of our village.

Akrogiali Taverna

Eastern Crete Kato Zakros the taverna next to the sea. Serving fresh fish caught by Kato Zakro local fisherman, grilled foods and wonderful salads with your choice of wines and beers. The taverna serves local Cretan foods and delicacies and a wide variety of choices to suit every taste. Dine on our katozakros sea front terrace - with nothing between you and the pleasure of eating with friends or family as the view soothes and relaxes you.

Kato Zakros Akrogiali Tavern




Management Nikos Perakis - Email: akrogiali@sit.forthnet.gr.
Tel: +30  28430 26893 or  mobile: +30 69746 56617
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