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Just imagine. More than 300 days of sunshine a year and the climate is warm and dry 12c in winter at the lowest and up to 35c in the summer.

About 5000 years of history, myth, and mysteryCountless superb unspoiled beaches everywhere one looks.  The Mediterranean waters, blue and inviting in every direction...this is Crete. A unique blend of high mountain ranges, lush green valleys, picturesque fishing villages, acres of olive groves, ancient Minoan cities and Venetian influences, Crete offers a wide range of noteworthy activities.  Whether one (you) is interested in archaeology, botanology, deep sea diving, all sorts of fishing, mountain climbing, exploring, or simply tanning lazily on the beach with a good book, Crete offers all of this in abundance.

Many people share the notion that the Eastern part of Crete, the province known as Lassithi the birthplace of Zeus himself according to mythology is overrun by tourists.  However, the opposite is true. 

Granted, some villages as Hersonissos and Malia are true tourist havens. They offer a multitude of activities and events, but they do not mirror the true culture of Crete. 

Yet, just a few steps seawards or inland from these villages one can discover a plethora of Cretan villages that are seemingly untouched by time itself, and property prices are still exceedingly low!!

Tourists rarely venture past Agios Nikolaos, the capital city of the province of Lassithi. One of the reasons this occurs is that the main road that leads from Agios Nikolaos to Sitia (at the far east end of the island) is literally constituted of left and right turns (some locals say that the road was built that way to keep the waves of tourists from venturing into the east, and others say that the man responsible for it’s design was dead drunk on raki at the time!). 

The truth is that the was east is a mountainous region, and it would be impossible to build a straight road through to Sitia, short of blasting away at the mountains and destroying much of the natural beauty of the area. 

Those that dare this journey are however richly rewarded.  The panoramic view is breathtaking. The rocky slopes dip into the sparkling blue sea, and the whole way is dotted with postcard coves that can be seen from up high. There are many spots where one can stop and enjoy the panorama, especially during dawn and dusk, which is an awe inspiring experience from these locations.

Sitia is in the far east of the island, about 62 km from Agios Nikolaos.  Built in the shape of an amphitheatre, the houses and structures resemble an audience with their attention focused on the “stage” the Sitian Bay. One of the most serene atmospheres in all of Crete, Sitia is still moving to the rhythm of times long ago.  There are many gorgeous sandy beaches, most of them deserted, and in the area of Sitia there are more than 50 tiny traditional Cretan villages! 

This area includes acres and acres of olive groves, vineyards, and lemon and orange orchards.  The olive oil in these parts is largely organic, and has the reputation of being one of the finest olive oils in all of Greece! 

The fertile land produces it’s very own delectable wines, thyme honey, vegetables bursting with taste, a wide variety of fruits, and delicious cheeses and yogurts.  Due to their healthy life style and diet, Cretans are able to enjoy the splendor of nature and live to a ripe old age. There are no industries in these parts, and as a result the sea is remarkably unpolluted and the ecosystem in very much intact.

A new addition to Sitia is the airport which is located high above the town bordering with the coastline. It offers the luxury of leaving from your country and arriving in Sitia in the same time period it would have taken you to arrive in Sitia from Herakleion! 

It has recently been extended as to make it more accessible. However flight paths cannot cross over the land in Crete, the law forces the planes to fly over water and land in accordance to the wind factor so there are no flight path problems or noise pollution in the populated areas.

Most of all (and here is the good part) if you are interested in buying a home or property in the areas surrounding Sitia or even to the south, costs are at the most one fifth the cost of a home anywhere in Europe.


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